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Define Safety Controls Prevent Loss 


At Advanced Industrial Training Inc (AITI) 1998 we are committed to health and safety in the workplace. We offer comprehensive training programs which cover both theory and practical in a classroom setting. The course material includes the OHSA, CLC, CSA guidelines referring to the Health and Safety Training of workers.

Throughout these courses there are practical situations and quizzes to reinforce what he/she has learned.

Power point presentation and videos are used along with training aides to re-enforce what is being taught visually, orally, mentally and practically. We are committed to keeping students focused during the course having group involvement and using their experiences to widen everyone’s knowledge as a group.

We can also train and evaluate your associates on the types of equipment that is used in their work environment. Courses conducted at your place of business as this is a more practical approach to teaching associates. Courses can be conducted during the day, evening or on weekends at the company’s request.

We are committed to excellence in the workplace with this in mind we follow up by revisiting your place at the request of your company. Advanced Industrial Training Inc will consult with managers, supervisors, and or associates to further their needs; answer any questions or ways to improve safety in the workplace.

It is recommended that managers and supervisors also participate in the training courses as they are the key to keeping up with new legislation as the rules change and for motivating safety within the workplace.Due diligence is the buzz word in the workplace which pertains to all associates from the person who sweeps the floor all the way up the corporate ladder.


AITI offers other health and safety programs and services over and above training. See "Services" icon for further information.  

Define Safety Controls Prevent Loss through

Training, Knowledge and Experience.

“Safety begins with due diligence”

“Due diligence starts with you”