AITI  specializes in safety management and training. Our industry experts can create cost-effective solutions that are tailored to meet our client's needs.


AITI can identify, develop and implement safety management solutions, which will help ensure that we meet or exceed all provincial, federal regulatory and legislative requirements. We provide our clients with the recommended standards required by the Act and the Regulations to reduce if not eliminate accidents in the workplace.



   Consulting Services

  1. Workplace Health and Safety Inspections and Audits
  2. Health and Safety Program Development
  3. Health and Safety Program Review
  4. Conduct Health and Safety Evaluations site specific
  5. Internal/External Health and Safety Training
  6. Contracting Service for Site Safety inspections construction projects and industrial sites
  7. Incident and Accident Investigation
  8. Review Company Insurance coverage for your organization




Site Audits for Construction Projects




Representing our clients to ensure that the constructor is held accountable for the health and safety of all contractors, the trades, union or non-union labours. To ensure health and safety policy and procedures are followed using best work practices by all those working on sites up to the completion of the project. Working with the constructor and the trades giving assistance where required to ensure the best outcome for the wellbeing of all those who are on site.




Working with the Head Constructor, the trades, supervisors, health and safety representatives and committees with concerns due to the work being conducted on site to prevent incidents and accidents. Conducting audits to determine any deficiencies within the health and safety program of the site and have them brought to the attention of the head constructor. Working with the constructor providing solutions to ensure positive results for those who are on site.




Representing individual companies on construction projects to ensure safe work practices are followed and implemented when required on site. Help identify deficiencies in the workplace and have them resolved. Work with supervisors and workers, empowering them to think outside the box to reduce if not eliminate hazardous situations. Helping to ensure Field Level Risk Assessments are properly conducted and that all aspects of the assessment have been conducted and relayed to the workers. Help supervisors when incidents or accidents occur to ensure the right outcome has been achieved when conducting investigations.

NOTE: When it comes to the ending of a project the likelihood of having incidents and accidents increases. Complacency may take precedence over health and safety to achieve completion of the project. When this happens, we are more likely to have incidents and accidents in the workplace.




Review head constructors’ site-specific health and safety program to ensure all contractors and sub-trades, and suppliers are following the program for the site.