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Confined Space Awareness/ Entry 


(one day course broken up into two sessions morning and afternoon classes)


Confined space awareness and entry are broken into two parts.


Confined space awareness is for persons who need to know when they are entering a confined space and only enter if trained to do so. Designed for firms who conduct confined space entry and that they meet the requirements based on the Act and its Regulations for both industrial and construction projects.


Confined Space Entry is the second part of the course broken down into more detail with workers conducting confined space entry work in various situations. Practical use of gas detectors (sniffers), tripod application, and the use of personal protective equipment used to protect all workers. Hot work and cold work will also be covered. Requirements necessary to develop an emergency play involving a rescue plan.


The course covers in detail the use of equipment to protect the worker and anyone else conducting work around confined spaces. What is involved in the use of using proper PPE and the training required to protect all works on a site. Covered in the course will include rescue equipment and the processes involved in planning a rescue.


The full day course can be customized to suit your company's job specific needs. 

Pre-Requisite  all participants must have had the confined space awareness to take confined space entry.

These two courses can be taken separately or together.