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Lift truck Operator Safety Training (with propane)

Lift truck / Forklift Operator Safety Training (with propane)


Lift Truck/forklift operator safety training course provides the essentials becoming more confident in the use of equipment and following safe operating procedures to transport materials in a safe and efficient manner.


Full day course.


This course will improve;


This program will give operators a more complete understanding of lift truck operations enabling them to perform their jobs with higher level of knowledge and skill.


They will be instructed in the principles of stability, load handling capacity, pedestrian safety and proper refuelling (propane, diesel, and gasoline) and electric lift trucks.


Operators will be trained on daily maintenance checks, proper loading techniques, on/off loading procedures, correct stacking methods. This course also covers safe procedures when working on or around docking bays and Tractor Trailers and flat beds.


Certificates of recognition and wallet size cards will be given to those who successfully complete the course.


This course can be conducted at the workplace on request by client and use equipment that workers will be using in the performance of their duties. Please contact us for further information. The hands-on training is ideal for a group of workers at their location.