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Respirator fit testing

Respiratory Fit Test


The following will be covered




Respirator Mask Fit Testing from Advanced Industrial Training Inc.  meets CSA Standard Z94.4 Respiratory Regulations that certifies N95, half mask and full face mask fit tests. This Respirator Protection Training session is focused on the importance of proper respirator protection, the selection of the appropriate mask for the workplace, inspection of the mask, proper mask fit and seal test, cleaning and storage of the masks. Our trainers are Certified for Respiratory Mask Fit Testing.


Sensitivity test; is to be given to see if the worker can detect a sweet or bitter taste which is administered by using a fine mist at low levels.


Fit test is to ensure that the individual follows the instructions that is provided with the respirator and proper procedures are followed when; using, maintaining equipment to ensure maximum protection. The individual will go through a series of test exercises to ensure proper fitting. Respirators come in different sizes and styles this is why testing is conducted to ensure we have the proper fit for the individual. Mask to be asigned to one person and should avoid lending their masks to others.