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Certification Part 2 (JHSC) Training

Certification Part 2 Training (JHSC) One day course

Certification Part 2 Workplace-Specific Hazard Training

Once these participants have received the Part 1 generic training, they must now receive Part 2, workplace-specific hazard training.


1. Describe key concepts of Part one training including the process of how to recognize, assess and control hazards, and evaluation of the hazard controls.

    a) Review key concepts of Part One training including hazard recognition, assessment, and control methods, and evaluation of the hazard controls. 

    b) Review the provincial hazard priorities and practice applying a hazard management tool to these prioritises. 

2. Apply recognition, assessment, control, and evaluation principles to each of the workplace hazard(s) selected for the training program. 

    a) Describe the hazard and how it may cause injury or illness. 

    b) Identify the relevant legislation, standards and guidelines for the hazard. 

    c) Describe how to recognize and assess the hazard. 

    d) Describe ways of controlling the hazard. 

    e) Describe ways of evaluating the hazard control(s).

    f) Using an actual workplace scenario, practice completing a Hazard Management Tool. 

3. Create a draft action plan and recommendations for the employer on at least one hazard in Learning Outcome #2.

    a) Using an actual workplace scenario, prepare an action plan to control at least one hazard. 

    b) Using the action plan from 3a, prepare sample recommendations to the employer.