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Construction Site Audits

Site Safety Audits Construction Sites
AITI provides site audits to ensure your company’s health and safety program is being followed along with its compliance with the health and safety Act and its Regulations in the Province of Ontario Construction Projects. These audits conducted by AITI will provide ongoing assessment of the construction site to help serve an organization's safety program and will identify specific areas where improvements to the system can be made. Audits conducted by AITI can also support a company who requires such services to ensure compliance with the health and safety programs that are in place for your workers on these sites.

Services provided but not limited to the following;
Review head constructors health and safety program to ensure trade contractors, their sub-trades, and suppliers are following program for the site.
To ensure that all sub-trades and their suppliers follow the trade contractor’s and the head constructor’s health and safety program job specific for the site.
We also represent the client of the project to ensure that the head contractor, trade contractor and their sub-trades including suppliers are following all health
and safety programs job specific.
We provide independent site health and safety inspections.
Site inspections will be conducted in two ways unannounced or announced planned inspections when visiting the site.
The requirements for these audits will be conducted depending on the requirements of our clients.
It has been found that when addressing health and safety issues we must also pertain to non-injury accidents that could potentially lead to minor injuries (involving first aid only) and critical loss time injuries. Incidents must be investigated and corrected to prevent serious accidents from occurring. Other services we offer to support Safety audits but not
limited to;
  •  Worker orientation site specific
  •  Safety Training for workers who require recertification (examples; Working at Heights, WHMIS, aerial platform/scissor lift, Construction awareness basic, Health and Safety  and the law, Transportation of dangerous goods, Confined space awareness, and Lift truck safety training).
  •  Conducting audits along with supervisors
  •  Hold weekly safety meetings
  •  Review site specific procedures for high risk jobs with workers.
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Brian Scale
President of Advanced Industrial Training Inc